Sunday, 17 August 2008

iPod fix

I recently had a problem with my iPod touch where some (but not all) applications would refuse to launch or immediately crash back to the main screen. Downloading them a second time did not change anything. I'm running version 2.0.1 software. I didn't find anything useful when searching the web yesterday. One of the reasons to post on this blog was to add to the Google searchable pool of stuff that is out there. I followed a link to the iPod touch troubleshooting page, and decided to restart the iPod by holding the top sleep/wake button until the red "Restart" slider appeared. After restarting everything worked just fine, some applications for the first time. Yet another triumph for the turn it off and on again strategy! It hadn't actually occurred to me that I had NEVER retarted my iPod, only toggled it between wake and sleep.

Amazing things the iPod touch (and iPhone). I almost never put the headphones in, just use it as a mobile internet device. Typing is very quick and very intuitive. The screen quality is sensational for photos. I use Google notebook, Evernote and Zenbe lists as productivity devices. Gmail, Google reader, and Safari web browser are excellent too. Email yourself a PDF and you can browse it at leisure, even if offline. Yes the screen is big enogh for this. Lots of new (often free) applications appearing daily, it reminds me of how Palm was years ago before they fell asleep.

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