Wednesday, 15 October 2008


I was investigating using GMail as online storage space today. It gives 7.2 Gigs of space now! I haven't decided on this or tested anything, but I came across a curious warning on the Gspace FAQ site. It said to be very careful that you put not if that was your address otherwise your files could potentially be sent to someone else's account!

I was momentarily panicked, thinking about all the mails I had been missing- I use both interchangeably when giving my email address. After a bit of testing (sending emails to both addresses from a different account) it turns out this is absolutely false. Both just work. I remember when I signed up it gave me the address but does exactly the same in all emailing and logging on options I have found.

Maybe there is some complex situation regarding the specifics of Gspace that I haven't appreciated but in terms of direct access to my mail account the two addresses seem identical. I'm considerably more relaxed now, but I still think I will set up a second account if I do decide to use it as a file server mostly in case uploading activity causes the account to be temporarily blocked.