Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Turn it off and on again

I said below that Papers (the PDF management tool) may or may not be playing nicely with dropbox synchronisation. I investigated some more and discovered 2 things. Firstly dropbox had stopped syncing, I don't know why, so I restarted it. It lept into action and updated my Papers folder and others from changes I had made last night at home (and had clearly made it onto the server). Secondly I noticed that it had partially mangled my open Papers database, but only for the records that had changed. So for 3 or 4 records I had the info in my local Papers copy (work) but had updated the records at home. It now said that these PDFs were missing. I restarted Papers and now everything was perfect, all PDFs were found, all modifications for records (whichever machine I had made them on) were sensibly amalgamated. Obviously this isn't an ideal situation but at least the tried and tested "turn it off and on again" is a very simple solution to occasional problems.

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