Sunday, 15 June 2008

Why blog?

I am starting this blog to post computer/ software/ web and tech related stuff. Yes there are millions of blogs out there that do this already, but thats the point. When I can't find out how to do something I Google it and often hit someone's blog that describes a little bit of tech-trivia really well. I hope that I can do the same for someone myself.

Also, blogs are a good place to organize your thoughts and keep a record of how you solved challenges that are good for future reference.

I already have a blog for work-related stuff called EvoPhylo. I realized (from reading other people's blogs) that mixing disparate topics is not a good strategy so I thought I'd start this to keep things separate. I also wanted to try out WordPress too.

What I intend to post about and what I actually will do may not be identical, but here is how I see it at the moment
  • Web solutions; I'm starting to discover a lot of nice web software and data-managemnt tools that probably fall under the web 2.0 moniker
  • Productivity; Getting Things Done (GTD) and the like
  • Software (OS X); biased towards information organization
  • Google stuff; Documents, Notebook, Sites etc etc
  • Technology; hardware, not all of it, biased towards info storage and web access
Lets see how it goes...

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